Dating Site Tips

Dating Site Tips

When it comes to dating, I do not consider myself a guru. In fact, you can describe me as novice. But I have friends who have been into all sorts of dates one can possibly think of. Whenever they share stories, a mini-compilation of their date adventures springs in my brain. And so, I came up with this blog.

Here are some reasons why this blog came to life.

1. I love to write anything under the sun. Dating may be an alien topic for me but it is something that interests single women from all walks of life around the globe.

2. I am not a good conversationalist but I still want to mingle with other people. I guess this blog is a great avenue for me.

3. I want the single people, regardless of gender, to learn from other people’s dates. Maybe imitate what worked and avoid what did not.

With all these in mind, DatingSiteTips was born.